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What Is Stretching

Stretching is intentionally lengthening the muscles to increase flexibility, Range Of Motion, and improve Performance. Stretching Is important for everyone and not just athletes. Not only is stretching important but knowing when and how to approach a stretch safely is imperative to prevent injury, muscle soreness, and loss of mobility. 

When To Stretch

Stretching should be done every day. Depending on each individual's body and needs one should try to stretch for at least 20/30 minutes a day. When stretching, you want to make sure you are not overstretching because you can stiffen your muscles and that will make it counterproductive. You also want to make sure that you are stretching long enough to get the benefits from the stretch. Holding a stretch for 15/30 seconds is all the time you need. 

Before stretching you want to make sure the body is warm. Going into a stretch when the muscles are cold could result in injury. Doing a few jumping jacks, leg swings side to side or any movement that works for you should help warm up the muscles quickly. 

Approach To Stretching

When stretching it's always a good idea to approach it humbly and with intention. To avoid any injury one should begin stretching when the muscles are warm, then go into the stretch gently to see where your body is allowing you to go at the moment. No matter where you are in your level of flexibility, technique and going back to the basics is important for maintaining flexibility.

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