Pur Vitality, Est in 2019 by founder Lisa Lefevre is a Health and Wellness business, focused on helping clients reach their personal health and wellness goals. I wanted the name of my business to reflect on who I am and my purpose- to give clients hope for a better healthier lifestyle, and to be able to be full of energy and life no matter the age or circumstance. we are all essentially children at heart.

I have always had Many people ask me about what they should eat or how they should eat, It inspired me to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I wanted to be there for those who felt lost when it comes to eating right. 

The services offered are PurStretch and health coaching. A health coach addresses concerns clients may have, and help guide them to make behavioral and nutritional changes to foster growth. sessions will be forty-five minutes to one hour. PurStretch classes are provided as well, which allows each client to reach their goals, whether it's more flexibility, to improve performance or tension release. No one is exactly the same so each approach in helping clients thrive is different. I am grateful to everyone who is putting their trust in my work to help them. I am so excited to meet new clients to inspire in the best way I can. Please contact me with further questions. 

"Renew and Revitalize to be the best you possible" 

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