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About Services


PurStretch (Passive)

A passive stretch allows a person to be completely relaxed while being stretched. The base stretch will be modified depending on one's flexibility level and needs. PurStretch is great for everyone, ranging from children to seniors. The benefits are relaxation, better range of motion (ROM), increase in flexibility, and performance. 


PurStretch (Group Sessions)

Group Sessions are great for corporates looking to better the health of their staff, events, schools and for friends looking to stretch together. Group sessions include either gentle stretch or stretch exercises for strengthening. 


Health Coach

As a health coach, I help and support clients in making lifestye changes to help improve their health. I guide clients to foster growth within their health goals. Each client will be assessed by their lifestyles and health concerns to make behavioral changes. Clients will also be provided with dietary and nutritional options and advice, the client will also be provided with meal plans, recipes, and market tours. 



PurFit consists of stretch exercises that get your heart rate up, strength training, or Calisthenics. PurFit allows you to stretch and work out at the same time. 

* All stretches are modified to be pregnancy safe, and also great for children as young as 6 months. Please contact me for any further questions or concerns. 

* All services are home-based. Mats and all areas are sanitized before and after each session.

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