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Increases Flexibility 

Improves Posture 

Improves Performance 

Stretching keeps the muscles strong, flexible, and healthy. Without it, muscles become short and tight decreasing the `ROM (Range of motion). Flexibility is also great for support in your activities of daily living. 

Stretching helps strengthen muscles and proper alignment. Which helps with body posture. Great posture is important so no one structure is overstressed. Better posture also aids in better digestive health.

Lack of stretching restricts the muscles during activity due to muscle tightness, and the inability to use the maximum Range Of Motion. When muscles are stretched, there is an increase in speed, strength, proper alignment, and flexibility to perform efficiently. 

    Promotes Mental Health and Clarity 


    Improve Circulation 

    Decrease Risk Of Injury

Stretching provides a mental break, allowing you to renew your mind. Stretching increases energy levels, stress relief and increases our serotonin levels- a hormone that helps stabilize our mood. Stretching stimulates receptors in the nervous system that decrease the production of stress hormones. 

Stretching increases the blood flow boosts oxygen levels and delivers nutrients to your muscles.  It also removes metabolic waste like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and uric acid

Stretching builds strength and flexibility, which allows the body to move freely and properly and allows the muscles to work effectively. 

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